Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Haunted Castle at HBSP: 10'17

I didn't even need to add glow sticks to get my cloud to light up inside the Haunted Castle

This year we celebrated Halloween with a visit to the Haunted Castle at Huntington Beach State Park.   Historic Attalaya was the perfect setting for a haunted house. The Park rangers and Park Friends put months of work into making the decorations for the interior and exterior  of the building. On the Big Scare side of the tour, eerie lighting and creepy characters  that moved around you recreated almost every scary movie set you've ever watched.  

The Little Scare side was set up more like a series of scenes from the 'Pirates of the Caribbean'; Nothing jumped out at you, and nothing was super frightening.  Even the Littlest ones had fun  going through that side.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Don't mess with Mother Nature: 10 "17

After all the hurricanes we have gone through this year, it seemed only fitting to choose a Thunderstorm for my costume this year.    I had so much fun making the raincloud hat and storm outfit from scratch.  When I put it all together with metallic face paint, a chiffon gown, and crystal raindrops I almost appeared to float above the ground when I walked.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Charlestowne Landing SP: 10 '17

We paid a short visit to Charlestowne Landing State Park this morning. The Charles Towne Landing State Historic Site sits on a marshy point, located off of the Ashley River, where a group of English settlers landed in 1670 and established what would become the birthplace of South Carolina. Charles Towne Landing introduces visitors to the earliest colonial history of Charleston colony.

Unfortunately, we were limited on time so we concentrated on seeing all the educational exhibits in their visitor center, where we Interacted with hands-on exhibits and took an audio tour on the self-guided history trail.

There is much more to do and see in the park, including touring the Adventure, Charleston's only 17th-century replica sailing ship, see cannons fired, or taking a peek at otters, bears, bison and more at the Animal Forest natural habitat zoo. The grounds also include 80 acres of gardens, with an elegant live oak alley and the Legare-Waring House.

Unfortunately, today, the time we had was limited, but we'll definitely return.

For more information on Charlestowne Landing go to:

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Irma's Impact on Pawleys Plantation: 9 '17

 Irma's impact on Pawleys Plantation was minimal. No residential structural damage, minimal horticultural damage, and light facilities damage.

Eighteenth Fairway: no change all three days
I (CC) took photos documenting the condition of portions of Pawleys Plantation early on  Monday morning,  Sept 10th before Irma could be felt, and again on  Tuesday morning September 12th right after she had passed; then the third set on September 13th  (Wednesday morning) after the cleanup crews had gone through. They say a photo is worth a thousand words so, here are the pictures.

Clubhouse pool fence is blown down: Sept 12

Seventeenth Fairway, Sept. 10

Seventeenth Fairway: Sept 12 am

Seventeenth Fairway, and Hunt House: Sept 12 am
Minor Damage to Hunt  House Chairs: Sept 12 am

Seventeenth Fairway: 13 am 

Thirteenth Fairway Causeway: Sept 10 am

Thirteenth Fairway Causeway.. lots  debris, no damage: Sept. 12
Thirteenth Fairway Causeway.. back to normal: Sept. 13th am

Twelfth Fairway, Sept. 10
Twelfth Fairway, Sept. 12
Twelfth Fairway, Sept, 13

 The worst structural damage was to the dyke which holds back the PI tidal creek.  It was entirely washed loose of its moorings and deposited on the cart path at the eastern end of the twelfth fairway.

Dyke damage at edge of 17th blue tee:  Sept. 12 am

Twelfth Fairway cart path blocked by broken dyke: Sept  12

 12th Fairway cart path was cleared of  debris: Sept. 13 am
 The broken pieces of the dyke were moved to the edge  of the creek, 
all other debris removed entirely.

Condition of MP Homes on Sept. 13, after cleanup: 9'17

Amazing Blades showed up about noon on Sept. 11th to begin horticultural clean up after Irma.  By 4 o'clock in the afternoon, you would not know a tropical storm with 50 MPH winds had just swept through the day before.  Here is what the east end homes on Masters Place Drive looked like at 8 am on Tues., Sept 12th.

Unit 108-3, 108-4 front
Unit 108-4 side
Unit 108-4 rear
Units 108-2, 108-3 front 

Units 108-3, 108-2 rear
Unit 108-1 front
Unit 108-1 rear
Building 113 front
Unit 113-3, 113-4 rear
Unit 141-1, 141-2 front
Unit 141-1, 141-2, 141-3 rear
Unit 141-2, 141-3 front
Unit 141-2,141-3 rear
Unit 141-4, Unit 141-5 front
Unit 141 3, 141-4, 141-5 rear
Unit 141-6 rear/east side

Irma's Impact on the Master's Place Drive negligible :9'17

Irma's impact on Master's Place was negligible. There was no residential structural damage, no horticultural damage, and only light debris clean up after the storm.

Master's Place Entrance: No Change All Three Days 

West end entrance to Twelve Oaks Drive: Sept 13 after clean up

No Damage to Heritage Oaks: Sept.13

Never-the-less, people worry about the condition of their neighborhood when they are not there to see what is going on. I (CC) took photos documenting the condition of portions of Master's Place early on Monday morning, Sept 10th, before Irma could be felt, and again on Tuesday morning September 11th right after she had passed; then the third set on September 12th (Wednesday morning) after the Amazing Blades cleanup crews had gone through. They say a photo is worth a thousand words so, here are the pictures. 

End of Twelve Oaks Drive: Sept 10 

Looking South East on Twelve Oaks Drive: Sept 10 

Looking South East on Twelve Oaks Drive: Sept. 12 am 


Looking West on Twelve Oaks Drive: Sept. 10 am 

Looking West on Twelve Oaks Drive: Sept. 12 am 

Looking West on Twelve Oaks Drive: Sept. 13 am